Does Exercise Help With Hair Growth – Run Faster To Prevent Hair Loss?

When you want long and beautiful hair, exercise can help you achieve that goal. There are a number of relationships between exercise and hair growth, some scientifically proven while others are a little more vague. So let’s take a look at why exercise can help with hair growth.exercise and hair growth

Why Sweating Is Good For Your Hair Growth

When you exercise, you perspire. Perspiration can actually help your hair grow. When you sweat from your scalp, the perspiration unclogs your hair follicles. This will provide more space on your scalp for new, fresh hair to grow.

Perspiration from exercise also flushes toxins and other harmful substances from your scalp. Not only will new hair grow faster, it will be healthier. If you really want to prevent hair loss or boost hair growth, then you could combine running with home remedies for hair loss such as olive oil, which I talk about a little more below.

Healthy Blood Flow And Your Hair

Exercise is important for blood circulation. When you exercise, more blood will circulate and flow to your scalp. When the blood flow is increased, your scalp will receive more oxygen and more nutrients. Hair growth is promoted when the hair roots are adequately nourished. The best exercises for promoting blood flow to the scalp are rebounding (also called trampolining) or running. But any type of movement that gets your heart pumping a little faster should help you.

Stress Hormones And Hair Growth

This is by far my favorite reason to exercise and the benefits of stress reduction won’t stop with you having healthier and faster growing hair. But I think we all know that running is good for us, so let’s get back to hair loss!

Your hair follicles are affected by hormones. When your levels of stress hormones are too high, it can affect their ability to grow new hair. Exercise is a simple way to balance your hormones so your hair follicles stay healthy. You will have lower levels of cortisone, and higher levels of serotonin, when you exercise on a regular basis. This hormonal balance is an important key when you want your hair to grow.

We all know the expression, don’t pull your hair out … well don’t! Instead when you’re stressed, go for a run and fight of that stress in a healthy way.

On the other hand, it has been shown that continuous and excessive exercise creates chronic stress, which causes hair loss. So find a balance between the two. A moderate amount of exercise tends to be the best, which still allows you to exercise intensively for a few days a week.

The Natural Approach

When you want your hair to grow faster, longer, and healthier, you do not have to buy expensive products. You can choose the natural approach instead. Whether you prefer moderate or rigorous exercise, including some form of exercise in your daily life will avoid hair loss.

Exercise will not produce results overnight, but if you exercise every day you are likely to have some results. You can look forward to healthy hair that will continue to grow. But as with most techniques for hair loss, there just are no guarantees. Some of it genetic, and is just unavoidable. But like I said before, if you’re going for a run once in a while, and you still lose hair, at least you’re increasing your level of fitness!

Other Ways To Promote Hair Growth?

So what do you do if exercise alone doesn’t stop the hair loss? What if you want faster results, and running alone just won’t cut it. Well, there’s plenty of alternative methods such as pills, hair transplants or even some home remedies that are proven to work. If you’re happy to try some natural remedies for hair loss other than exercise, you should consider essential oils. One of the best essential oils that is scientifically proven to help is castor oil for hair loss.

Give it a try and let us know what works best. Do you find your hair grows faster after exercise or do you worry you actually lose hair? Let me know in the comment box below.